What Is The Best Fish Tank For a Crayfish?

52 views18 March 2020
What is the best fish tank for a pet crayfish? Well, the answer to this question depends on a few things. Do you plan on having other fish live with your pet crayfish? Do you plan on having another pet crayfish all together? Because if you do, a desktop aquarium or 10 gallon fish tank probably won't be ideal. I know from experience. Personally, I'd recommend a 20 gallon fish tank for just one crayfish, nothing smalle
Crayfish are dirty little creatures. They put out a lot of waste. And this waste can make your tank ugly and toxic for other fish, if you have them. With a bigger tank, like a 20 gallon tank, there's more water to take on the load of all of your pet crayfish's waste


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