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How Botox Works And Its Alternatives

Botox is a form of injection that is usually used to temporarily lessen wrinkles and other types of lines that may appear on the face. The injection is also used on diseases such as uncontrolled blinking which is also known as Blepharospam and lazy eye which is also known as strabismus. Botox is made using diluted Botulinum toxin A which is known to cause a form of food poisoning if used in large quantities but the appropriate quantities are safe. Consequently, it should only be used after consultation with a qualified physician who knows the ideal quantities that should be used safely. Botox popularity is primarily attributed to the fact that many people wishes to look youthful and hence appreciate the drug which eliminates the signs of growing older and it is licensed by the authorizing bodies which have confirmed that the drug is safe. The popularity is also attributed to the fact that the drug works effectively where one sees the results after about one week and the effect lasts for three to six weeks. Furthermore, this popularity is also enhanced by the fact that unlike surgeries which are risky and needs anesthesia, Botox is performed within a short time and the risks are minimal.
Botox is usually injected is the appropriate quantities to the muscles themselves. The injection then works through interrupting the way nerve signals are transmitted consequently hindering the transmission. The interruption of nerve signal transmission temporarily weakens the affected muscles hence making the muscles unable to contract. As a result of the muscles being unable to contract, the skin on top of these muscles becomes flattened thus making the skin stretch. This directly affects all the lines appearing on the skin on top of the particular muscles with the lines being eliminated since the skin stretches effectively. The most important aspect of this process is ensuring that the quantities used are appropriate since using more than the necessary quantities can cause harm while using too little quantity might not have the desired effects. The injection takes just a few minutes and it is performed using a thin needle to the particular muscle since and hence it is almost painless.
There are various other alternatives and cosmetics which are known to have almost similar effect with Botox mainly because they are made using Botulinum toxin A. some of the known ones are Myobloc, Dysport and Pure Tox amongst others. There are also cheaper alternatives such as lactic acids and glycolic. Therefore, it is evident that Botox is a popular and effective injection which enables people to look younger by eliminating wrinkles and other defects on the face.

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