100 Modern bedroom wall decorating ideas 2020

34 views 31 May 2020

If you decided to give a new colour to the exterior walls of your house, then you should consider the following factors.

Facade and exterior wall exterior paintings should ideally be retouched every three years. So the walls, whether concrete or wood will remain in good condition. Before starting to paint we advise you to review various details that may exist such as moisture filtration, cracks and other faults.

Choose the brushes and rollers suitable for smooth or rough surfaces. The most important thing is that you choose quality, as it will be noticed at the end of your exterior painting.

Before applying paint you need to clean the walls of dust and dirt. Mold, if not a deep moisture problem, can be removed by applying a solution of warm water with chlorine.

For outdoor use the use of latex is recommended, due to the versatility given by its water base. If your exterior walls were previously painted with latex or enamel in the water, you should only pass a damp cloth and if it is stained with paint, you can apply latex over it again.


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